Hamfest Information

Date and Time

The 49th Annual Lafayette Hamfest was held Saturday, September 11th, 2021.

Admission and Costs

Admission and table rental for 2021.

  • Adult Admisssion - $5
  • Children Under 12 - FREE
  • Inside Vendor Table - $5 Each
  • Outside Flea Market Table - $5 Each
    Tail-gate - FREE, Must purchase general admission to sell in Flea Market

For tables or vendor pre-registration, contact Earle Nay (AB9EN) at fenay1@gmail or call 765-714-4875


Location of the 2021 Lafayette Hamfest is at the NEW Coliseum on the Tippecanoe County 4H Fair Grounds, 1406 Teal Road, Lafayette, Indiana 47905.

Radio Information

The following frequencies are used for W9REG operations:
W9REG Talk-In Frequency
145.370 (-)Offset, PL: 131.8Hz
Hamfest Walk-Around
Simplex 146.550

Featured Vendor

The 2020 Lafayette Hamfest will include our Featured Vendor from Champaign, IL

Amateur Accessories

Pre-orders with Steve can be delivered to our hamfest by email: hamradiosales@gmail.com

Vendor Information

Reservations are accepted for tables. Regular setup time will begin at 6:00am Saturday morning; advanced set-up can be arranged for Friday evening at 6:00pm on request. Flea market setup will begin in the reserved spaces when the doors open at 8:00am Saturday. Please contact Earle Nay, AB9EN for additional information or to reserve your tables now.

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