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Highlights from TARA Minutes
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Old Photos with Notes when available
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  June 20, 1953:  (l-r) Glen Rogers-W9ASX, Bill Weinhardt-W9PPG (age 14 here, first licensed at age 12). Norman White-W9EWO, of Lebanon. Photo by John Weinhardt (later WA9IAL), father of W9PPG.
  Second TARA Field Day Jun 21, 1952. Ed Hoover-W9SAR is in the center. Ed worked in the Physics Bldg at Purdue.  The others are unknown.  Later in 1966, Ed, Bob Peck - W9MOW and Bob Walgreen formed P&H Electronics. which built and marketed a line of linear amps and accessory equipment.  The amps used modified 1625's.  P&H was located  on the 2nd floor of a building in the 400 block on the south side of South St.  Bob Peck also had a TV sales and service shop for awhile in the shopping center at South and Earl.
  Bob Ellsworth - W9JFF. Note the pipe and Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco can.
  June 21, 1952. The second TARA FD, located at the WASK transmitter site on McCarty Lane.
  June 21, 1952. The second TARA FD.  R-L: unidentified, Harry Garbe/W9LDE, Ed Hoover/W9SAR, Harry Rogers/W9JBG.
  June 21, 1952. The second TARA FD. The sign reads "Shh! Novice At Work"  Lower sign has calls for three novices, (l-r) Bill Weinhardt-WN9PPG, Glen Rogers-W9ASX, Bill Lindley-WN9TOR and Theron "Duke" Lowe-WN9OLX, from Crawfordsville.
  The club station circa 1951 in the old Lafayette City Hall & Police Station, now a parking lot across from the new city hall. Glen Rogers-W9ASX (seated) with then Lafayette Mayor Albert Krabbe (right). The person on the left is unknown.  The rack mounted transmitter partially shown on the left was the old LPD unit used for mobile communications prior to WWII and operated on frequencies near the present 160m ham band.  When the police dept. converted to VHF FM, the old transmitter was given to the club and converted to 10m.  It is believed the old police call was WQFQ.
The mafia has arrived in these photos. Glen Rogers is in the dark cap, slacks and light shirt.  Others unknown.  Best guess at date and location is Field Day 1952 at the WASK transmitter site.

Thanks to Bill Weinhardt-W9PPG for some additional information about these mphotos.